16 unhappy cats after getting a bath

1. A first picture of two cats visibly traumatized by the water of the bath and another cat rather calm rolled in a yellow bath towel

It isn't new to anyone: cats don't like water, they loathe it! Yet, we must wash them from time to time because it is necessary to take good car oh their fur, especially for long haired cats. This washing time is as intense for the animal as it is for the owner because the cat will struggle and try to get out of the water by all means. With no further wait, grab rubber gloves and a apron and get ready to fight ! If you don't own a cat you can still take a look at this gallery of angry wet cats and tell yourself that you're lucky to not have a cat. If you're the lucky owner of one of them, comfort yourself with the idea that there are probably cats worse than yours!


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